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Welcome to TCM Clinic at Lake Oswego, your most trusted Chinese medicine clinic in Lake Oswego, OR. We are pioneers of cutting-edge, innovative medical solutions to treat chronic diseases. When you first visit us, one of our professionals will assess your health so that they can plan an effective treatment for you. Throughout several treatments, we will adjust to the changes in your body's health so that you get the maximum benefit from your treatments. We perform testing services for individuals who would like to be confident about their health status.

Some of our services include:

At TCM Clinic at Lake Oswego, we do everything with pride and respect, which is a value we adhere to with no exceptions. We tailor each testing, treatment, and consultation to the individual's specific situation to maximize results and produce the most effective solutions for leading a healthier, more vibrant life. For more information about our services, contact us at TCM Clinic at Lake Oswego to book an appointment today!

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